District Happenings

Past Masters' Night at Corry Lodge

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
On October 4, 2016, Corry Lodge No. 365 honored its Past Masters with a spaghetti and meatball supper, followed by the presentation of a handcrafted gift from Bro. Chris Vanco, Worshipful Master - a penny from the year that the Past Master served, individually stamped with the Square and Compasses...  all in a commemorative box.  Very nice!

From Left to Right:  Bros. Robert W. Hill, P.M., Thomas D. Mitchell, P.M., Blaine M. Boleratz, P.M., Ronald E. Rairie, P.M., James H. Bennett, P.M., Clayton E. Webber Jr., P.M., Gerald H. Owens, P.M., and Christopher J. Vanco, W.M.
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