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District Traveling Tools - Where Are They Now?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Updated December 26, 2018.

Welcome to a New Masonic Year!  The time has arrived for pursuing the District Traveling Tools for your Lodge!

  • • The Traveling Gavel is now held by Tyrian-Commonwealth Lodge No. 362, which meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Masonic Temple in downtown Erie. 
  • Stillwater Lodge No. 547 in Youngsville has the Traveling Trowel, and their stated meetings are on the First Thursday of each month. 

As you may know, in order to claim one of these Traveling Tools, a Lodge needs at least 5 Members, including at least one elected officer, in your "raiding" party at a stated meeting. Official Visits are generally off limits, but if you can outnumber the assigned "accompanying Lodge", then you've got it!

Let's have some fun and fellowship, and get traveling!  See you out there!

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