In the Community

Freemasons in the 24th District are very active in the community, although we haven’t been known for tooting our own horn. Whenever there is a community event, Freemasons are likely to be there with a helping hand. As RWPGM Bateman once said, “through our presence in the community, we can show how Freemasonry builds character and is a driving force for good.”

Keep an eye out, and you’ll see us volunteering at the food bank, ringing the bells for charity at holiday time, marching (or even driving!) in parades, and more. In addition, each Lodge in the 24th District will be holding an open house and we encourage members, friends, and the curious to attend and learn what we’re all about.

Easter Egg Hunt co-sponsored by North Star Lodge No. 241 and Lodge 339 I.O.O.F. at Betts Park in Warren, PA.